Simple Method Finding Google Has Indexed My Site?

Simple Method Finding Google Has Indexed My Site

Google Search

You can perform a simple search on Google using the “site:” operator followed by your website’s domain name. For example, to check if has been indexed, you would type “” into the Google search bar. This will show you a list of pages from your site that Google has indexed.

Here’s how to check

  • Go to Google
  • In the search bar, type in the “site:” search operator followed by your domain (e.g.,
  • When you look under the search bar, you’ll see an estimate of how many of your pages Google has indexed

If zero results show up, none of your pages are indexed.

If there are indexed pages, Google will show them as search results.

How to find most recent cached version of our homepage

To See the cached page by typing “cache:” in front of your webpage’s URL into Google instead.

Cache pages from Google contribute to a dependable and consistent user experience. Users will see a cached page from Google when pages load slowly or not at all.

Look for any problems with your site that are impacting your content, page load time, or general site performance to make sure your pages are cached correctly.